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can you erase memories with hypnosisHypnosis can erase someone’s past memories. It is necessary to arrange things so that their thoughts wander to other places when they access them. This will slowly cause the memories to become less useful over time. This can be done by using hypnotic anchors and giving very specific instructions to our subject.

We need to understand how all this works.

Why do we forget?

Long ago, I was fluently fluent in French. Fluent means that I can speak, listen to, read, write, and think in French. It seemed deeply embedded in my brain as a language.

At the time, I assumed that because I had spent the time learning a whole language, it would stay with me for the rest of my life.

It turns out that I was wrong.

What’s the deal?

I spent thousands of hours learning a language until I was able to use it fluently. Then it disappeared.

It’s not completely gone. I conducted an experiment a few years back to see how my French proficiency had deteriorated. To accomplish this, I learned a portion of the language again.

Und ich stumbled upon something.

Despite my inability to speak French, I was able to learn French much better.


There are many types of memories. The skills we have are stored differently from the memories of our past lives.

They are kept in the same place at the core.

Our brains give importance to everything we learn. This learning includes our memories, which can be done in two ways.

The information encoded in our brains is how we experience the world. This topic has been covered in great detail elsewhere. You might also enjoy my article.How Human Memory Works. The important thing to remember is that repetition makes it easier to recall.

If we do something to give importance to the information, it is the second way our brains assign importance. This can be done in a number of ways. Strong emotions and meaning are the most important things to remember as hypnotists.

This is countered by the ongoing memory degradation process. Memory decreases as neural links are repurposed.

This is a good thing because our brains have a limited capacity.

Let’s just say that information is not used. The underlying storage can be reused. This causes us to forget.

How to make someone forget?

Given all that, can hypnosis be used to erase someone’s memory?

The answer turns out to be yes and no.

Hypnosis cannot erase a memory. However, hypnosis can be used to help people not access their memory. This will cause it to gradually decline.

This can be done in many ways.

This article will cover episodic memory. It is a person’s memories of events in their life.

To inhibit someone’s recall, there are three options for hypnosis.

We can first suggest that they will not remember a certain period of time. This works well when the subject is able to communicate and is in a different mental state than usual.

When we want to stop someone from recalling what happened during a session of hypnosis, suggestion can be very effective. People are often determined to stop the changes they want, so it can be helpful to suggest that they don’t remember a session. This makes it harder for them to make it worse.

We can then exploit a human task completion system feature to make it difficult to remember. Our brains are wired to remind us to do tasks and to not forget about them after we’re done. This is called the “The…”Zeigarnik EffectIt is very useful in hiding information within different layers of stories.

Finally, we can give the subject instructions so that they can redirect their attention to another place when trying to recall an event. The majority of human memory recall is based on association. If we can insert enough associations to another point at the right time, people will generally remember the new memory.

There are some other tricks that you can use, but they all involve the same three.

Let’s take a look at these three.

How to suggest post-hypnotic Amnesia

When suggesting post-hypnotic, we want to make sure we have covered these four things.


Your subject should be told that details from their hypnosis session will only be stored in their subconscious mind, and they won’t have to remember them. Begin by asking your subject questions about their satisfaction with the sessions and the progress made. Next, ask them questions about their satisfaction with the session and the progress they’ve made.

This is important so that they can buy in to it. It’s possible to reinforce this by asking them how they feel about it when good things happen and by using similar themes.


Next, explain to them that hypnosis will make it so that they can’t recall details of the session. This is normal and natural. Remind them that their unconscious mind decides to do this for you.


It’s often not enough to say they don’t remember the session. So tell them what happens if they attempt to recall it. It doesn’t have to be complicated. You can say . And your memory will jump from the beginning to the end of the session, almost as if you were asleep.

They believe that if they try to recall details without conscious effort, their thoughts will wander somewhere else.


It’s crucial to tell them what’s going to happen next. This is easiest done by talking about something other than the previous steps.

Keep in mind that most people are unable to hold onto between 5 and 9 items at once. Talk to them about something that isn’t related so they can remember the details from the previous steps.

How to use the Zeigarnik Effect

Directly implying that someone won’t be able recall a session is best when they are in a formal, hypnotic state.

It is problematic because the subject can see what we are doing and can make mistakes if they want to.

You can work around this by hiding things from plain sight. You can do this by creating multiple stories loops.

You can create a story loop by telling a story to the end, and then switching to the next story. Continue the original story until the inner story loop is complete.

The inner story of your subject is complete from their perspective. This makes it harder to remember.

This effect can be applied to multiple layers in order to conceal information further down in the story structure.

You’ll see that the Zeigarnik effect is used in the post-hypnotic amnesia suggestion in the previous step. However, it is done in a slightly different manner.

How to use Hypnosis to Redirect Memory Recall

These two methods are best used when we need to hide the contents of hypnosis sessions.

This is usually done to stop the subject interfering in the changes they are helping to make.

Sometimes, however, we may want to alter someone’s memories of past events. I won’t go into detail about the ethics behind this or how it should be done.

It is a good rule to only alter someone’s memories of events outside of their control if they ask you.

Not all memories are useful.

It is important to understand the mechanisms of memory recall in order to be able to guide someone’s memory.

Association is a major factor in memory recall.

In other words, when we experience something, it causes our brain to fire up and creates associated patterns that allow us to recall things that happened.

Anything we perceive can be the something we experience, even our unconscious thoughts.

Many people mistakenly conclude that thoughts are random.

If we wish to alter someone’s past memories, it also has practical implications.

How can we use hypnosis for someone to redirect their memory?


The best way to access memories is from a particular starting point. We tend to label events that are significant to us.

An example of a label could be I was climbing up to Cape Palliser’s lighthouse and got stuck halfway up the steps. A label can be used to refer to one or many events.

No matter what memory you wish to redirect, the first step in any case is to determine how the subject remembers it.

Ask them to recall the beginning of the memory while you are hypnotizing. This is the easiest way to accomplish this. If this is a trauma event, you will want to dissociate them. If you don’t have the training, don’t try to work with trauma.

Once you have identified the beginning of the memory, anchor it to make it easier later. This anchor should be unique so that the subject can’t accidentally experience it.

You can read my book to learn more about anchors.Artful Hypnotic Anchoring.


People make the common error of trying to get someone to forget a memory. This is a problem because if we don’t give them another option, all they have to think about is the memory we asked them to forget.

It is simple: Give them something to do.

After determining how they access the memory, it’s time to determine what memory your subject will be thinking about.

These events do not necessarily have to occur simultaneously. We want them to stop trying to remember the memory they’re redirecting and instead look at the alternative.

Let’s say someone wishes to forget about the drunken incident at their office party because they are no longer employed there. One way to redirect their attention is to imagine that instead of thinking about the office party, they start to think about a detailed trip to the beaches.

It doesn’t matter what it is, determine what they will recall and how they will access that memory.

Next, anchor this memory using a different anchor.


Once you have established which memory will be redirected and what the recipient will think instead, it is time to make this happen.

This can be done by putting them in deep hypnosis, and telling them that every time that they attempt to recall that memory, they will jump to the new memory. You can repeat the process several times to ensure they understand it. Next, bring them out of the hypnosis room and let them test.

You can be subtler by attaching anchors to both memories’ entry points and attaching a strong emotion to the new memory. To attach the new memory at the access point for the older memory, fire the anchor for that memory first.

Long-term memory erasure

These are just three methods we can use to influence someone’s memories. You can also use other techniques, such as asking them to describe the events in detail and then adding new details.

Usually, when we do this, they will initially reject the new details. They will then be able to recount the story in greater detail a few weeks later.

This is not the point of this article.

You really want to learn how to use Hypnosis to erase your memories.

This was why we had to go through the 3 steps earlier.

Hypnosis is a method that can erase memories. It is much easier to erase individual memories because human memory relies on association.


Let’s say someone has a job that they want to completely forget while on vacation. Perhaps work is causing stress for them and they would like to let it go for a while in order to fully enjoy their vacation.

As long as they do not engage in work-related activities, hypnosis can erase these memories by simply finding the access points and redirecting them elsewhere.

They might have to get to work every morning by driving. You might find something completely different.

It doesn’t matter what it is, find out how they got to their memories and redirect them elsewhere.

It is a good idea for employees to remember specific events at work.

This is where the cool stuff happens.

Although it might seem like a lot to do, your brain will take care of all the rest. You just need to work through some examples with them and then suggest to them that they automatically think of their vacation whenever something similar comes up in their heads.

Test as soon as possible after hypnosis.

Naturally, you will want to tell them that once their vacation is over, it’s time for them to return to work. They’ll be able to think about work again.


What about permanently erasing your memories with hypnosis.

That’s also possible.

This one is very important.

Memories are interrelated, so deleting a memory without fully understanding its effects can have unintended consequences.

How can you erase all your memories permanently with hypnosis

It can only happen if the subject doesn’t have access to those memories for a prolonged period of time. As I said earlier, memories that are not accessed for extended periods of time start to decline as the brain repurposes their neural structures to create new memories.

You can perform the same procedure as temporary memory erasure but without telling your subject that they will be able to retrieve them later if necessary.

You can go even further.

You see, brains don’t like gaps very much.

You must replace the memories with something else if you wish to use hypnosis for permanent memory erasure.

This is very simple. If your subject is deep in hypnosis, you can have them create a new sequence to replace the ones that are being erased. You can also ask them to skip it. Encourage them to continue building the details of their dreams.

You should deal with any strong emotions in the memory that is being erased.

Attach everything that triggers old memories to another.

Imagine, for example, that they drive past their old workplace and trigger memories they don’t want. Each of these memories will need to be redirected somewhere else.

All that may sound like a lot of work. It turns out that we can make this happen much more easily by using a process called generative change.

Because it is a big topic, I will write another article about generative changes.

Consider how to train their unconscious mind to make the necessary changes to redirect future attempts at accessing those unfavorable memories.

It is the same as any other type of teaching. Give your subject some examples. Next, give your subject a few examples and then ask them to tell you what they think. Then, you can suggest that they automatically apply their thinking to other situations.

Hypnosis offers more resources to erase the memory

We’ve discussed how to alter someone’s memory, even to the point of completely erasing them using hypnosis. It’s safe to erase someone’s memories of a particular hypnosis session you just completed.

It takes more skill to work with other memories and a deeper understanding of memory.



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can you erase memories with hypnosis
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can you erase memories with hypnosis
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can you erase memories with hypnosis
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