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does hypnosis work for heartbreak
It can be difficult to heal from a broken relationship.It’s like this in the chorus of one Bee Gees song:“How do you heal a broken heart?”
How can you stop the sun shining ?”

This is how difficult it can be.

It might be a good idea to ask the sun not to shine. Or for the rain to stop.

There is hope!

You can help them heal a broken heart using hypnosis.

How Hypnosis can help someone recover from a broken heart

What is heartbreak?

It is a form or grieving.

It can trigger the same emotions you feel after a loss.

You have to be brokenhearted to lose something.

You have lost your love for another person and maybe even more.

It can have an impact on:

  • Your day-to-day life
  • Your social life
  • Your love life (obviously)
  • Your professional life
  • Your relationships with others

A broken heart can have a negative impact on every area of your life.

That’s why it’s important to know how you can help your hypnosis clients/subjects navigate these turbulent waters so they process their loss and move forward with their lives.

Before we look at some techniques that can help you do that, let us take a closer view at grief and the possible consequences.


Heartbreak and the 5 Stages of Grief

does hypnosis work for heartbreak

Medical experts believe there are five stages to grief. These are the 5 stages of grief:

Stage 1: Denial

It can be devastating to get rejected. You may be in love one day and feel everything is perfect, but the next day your partner tells you that it’s over.

It is normal to find it difficult to believe or accept the information. It will shock you and make it difficult to absorb the information.

Your denial acts as a defense mechanism to protect you from overwhelming emotions you are unable or unwilling to deal with.

Stage 2: Anger

Reality will eventually catch up with us. You begin to feel the loss of the other person. You feel your loss and the pain it brings. You feel helpless, frustrated and completely vulnerable.

This situation suddenly causes you to feel angry at the other person. At other people. At the world as a whole. You might even try to take it out on your friends, family, and colleagues.

Stage 3: Bargaining

It’s easy to start wondering what went wrong and what you could have done differently. You start to think about what if scenarios and how things could have been different if you had done that.

It’s too late for us to repair the damage done. Reliving the past makes your current situation more difficult and less hopeful.

Stage 4: Depression

It is possible to become more depressed if you continue this cycle for too long. It can make you feel depressed, sad, or sorry for yourself.

This stage is common and can cause crying, nausea, and sleeplessness. It can take a toll on your body and mind, draining your energy and leaving you feeling regretful.

Even if you have many friends and family, it can be compounded with feelings of loneliness.

Stage 5: Acceptance

The final stage is when you realize the reality of the situation. You can’t change it, no matter how hard you try. Accept it and move on with life.

It is possible to feel some sadness and still feel the loss. You know that the relationship is over. This allows you to move on with your life.

These stages are different for everyone. Some people skip or go back to the stage until they feel satisfied with their grief.

It is possible for their grief to be triggered and resurface in future. For example, when they hear a particular song, visit a specific place or recall a specific anniversary.

These triggers won’t be a reminder of the events, but they will allow them to express their grief.

They won’t experience another round of grief. Instead, they will be able to move on with their lives and maybe find a more wonderful relationship.

Why it’s important to let people grieve

Getting over a loss takes time.

This is not something that you can ignore.

Guy Winch, a psychologist, explains in his Ted Talk that heartbreak is a battle, not a process.

It is a struggle to overcome the overwhelming feelings of loss. It’s impossible to find a rational explanation, as there is none. Accept it and let the situation go.

Winch points out that brain research has shown that withdrawal from romantic love activates the same mechanisms as withdrawal from drug addiction.

This is how devastating heartbreak can be. It can be a difficult psychological process that can lead:

  • Insomnia, and other sleep-related disorders
  • Inability to focus
  • An extreme lack of enthusiasm and energy
  • A weak immune system

does hypnosis work for heartbreak

Heartbreak and the grief it brings is not something one can just snap out of.

It can cause havoc in your life if you don’t come to terms.

It can cause you to lose your family and friends.

It can lead to inefficiency and ineffectiveness at work.

It can cause sickness, excessive time off, and all the complications that could result.

Why you shouldn’t expect perfection in any relationship

can hypnosis help with heartbreak

Why are relationships so difficult? Because they involve two people.

It is almost impossible for two people not to be in complete sync. There’s no risk they will ever become apart.

They will both evolve and change no matter what happens in their lives. It is an inextricable fact.

This could mean they may not be as compatible in the end.

You might need to look at the problem differently if you do. Instead of trying to fix your broken heart, ask these questions:

How do you make a lasting relationship?

You need to do some research in order to answer this question. Your ideal partner may not be someone who enjoys the same things as you.

This makes sense considering the constant changing and evolving that everyone goes through. You might think you don’t have much in common if you like the same things at first but your tastes change.

If you can appreciate your partner for who they really are and not for their preferences and tastes, you will likely grow to admire each other’s talents and interests.

Experts say that this is where online dating falls short. This matches people based on their similarities, which may be okay for one or two dates. It could become boring over time.

This is the topic that one online dating site emphasizes. Their site matches potential partners on a wide range of interests, while other sites only match them on a limited number of areas. This ensures compatibility. This is not a guarantee that you will be compatible, as we have already said. This is a clever marketing strategy.

People stop appreciating the positive qualities in others, which is the biggest reason relationships end. They instead focus on the negative.

John Gottman, a psychologist who is well-known for his work in marital stability prediction and divorce prediction, conducted research on newlyweds over a period of 8 years. It takes a lot to get married, Gottman found.Five positive reinforcements of appreciation are needed to overcome and counteract just one negative.

This means that you must find 5 positive things to appreciate your partner for every criticism or complaint you make about them. Your relationship could be in peril if you do not.

Gottman and his team believe that relationships that last are those in which there is mutual respect.Partners share emotional language. They handle emotions in the same way.

Perhaps they believe it’s healthier to talk about things than keep them inside. They don’t have to enjoy the same music or TV shows or share the same hobbies.

It is difficult to keep a relationship alive. It doesn’t mean that a relationship must end in failure. Before we get into the specific techniques of hypnosis, let’s look at some practical tips that can speed up the healing process.

Practical tips for everyday life to ease the pain of a broken heart

You will hurt and suffer. There are some things that you can do to make your life easier.

These are some tips that you can share with your clients/hypnosis subjects to speed up their recovery.

  • Keep healthy Eat healthy food, even when you don’t feel like eating. They will give you energy, and help keep your immune system strong.
  • Talk about your problems Feel free to speak up and get your thoughts out. Talk to a friend, family member, counsellor, or health professional. Talking about your feelings can help you get rid of those painful and intense emotions.
  • Avoid artificial downers You might feel worse if you drink alcohol.
  • Sleep well When you are overwhelmed by emotions like these, it can wear you down. Your body’s natural method of replenishing energy and rejuvenating itself is through sleep. Talk to your doctor if you have trouble sleeping.
  • Maintain a routine Are you a dog-walker? Do you do yoga in your garden in the early morning? You can keep doing these things. These activities give you a sense of routine and help you to realize how rich and meaningful your life is.

You should grieve if your heart is broken. You may experience side effects such as:

  • Inability to form new relationships
  • Blaming others for what happened
  • Resentful projection onto family, friends and other people who are only trying to help
  • Fear of being betrayed, disappointed, or in intense pain if you are forced to enter into a new relationship.

Hypnosis is one of the most effective ways to help you get through the grieving process. These techniques can be used to rebuild self-esteem and help people put things in perspective.

Hypnosis Techniques to Heal Broken Hearts

There are many ways to help the hurting and to transform their trauma. Here are two methods that can help them see the positive side of things.

Technique 1: Self-Esteem Booster

does hypnosis work for heartbreak

This format is typical for a standard session of hypnosis aimed at improving self-esteem.

1. Put the subject in a trance.
2. 2. Deepen the trance
3. A hypnotic blitz on self-esteem
4. Get the subject out from trance

Hypnotic blitz is a way to build self-esteem and give positive suggestions. Your suggestions will be based upon the theme of the session (e.g. Rejection, heartbreak, etc.

Your “broken heart” therapy must have a positive emphasis. Your goal is to build self-esteem in your subject.Recognize that their worth does not depend on others.

They can instead focus on the positive aspects of their relationship and on the positive things in themselves.

You’ll need to ask positive questions as part of your blitz. For example, you might ask:

  • What were the best things about your relationship?
  • What do you admire about the other person’s personality?
  • How did the relationship benefit from your contribution?
  • What lessons have you learned from your relationship?
  • What lessons did you learn from your relationship?
  • What makes your life more enjoyable when you have that person as a part of it?
  • What makes their life more enjoyable?

So on. Remember the blackjack rule: Any suggestion should be repeated 21 times in order to ensure it registers in your unconscious. Let’s look at the first question. These are some possible ways to “blitz” around the question.

What were the best things about your relationship? There were many good things about your relationship, didn’t they? You were the one responsible for many of the happy times. Do you not think that you made the relationship last? It’s a great feeling to know you can play a part in a relationship. You’re perfectly capable to give and receive love, don’t you think?These questions help people see the positive sides of a relationship and the benefits it has given them. These questions could also be part of a revivification. This is another technique that you might consider.

Technique 2: Revivification

does hypnosis work for a broken heart: Using A Revivification

Revivification helps peopleTap into the unconscious resources of their past to help you.. It is possible to go back in time and allow them to access a skill or an attribute from their past (i.e. The idea is to take them back into their past where they can access a skill or attribute (i.e.

It is important to bring them back to a pleasant experience, and to revive that. You want to make them feel good about themselves and past achievements. Make sure that you bring back an enjoyable experience!

There are four components to the revivification process:

1.Initial orienting questions This will help you gain information about the experience. Ask What, when and where? Find out the details of your experience, including when and where it occurred. This allows you to understand the experience and gives you the best way to find the answers.

2.Echo effect Start echoing as soon you get answers. You can repeat what they say in parrot-like fashion. They may say something else.“I was in Tennessee.”You can say“You were in Tennessee. At this stage, the idea is not to be imaginative but to reflect back on them.

3.Slowly, move towards the present tense Continue to echo their words, but gradually switch to the present tense. They may say“We were holding hands at the beach,”You can say“You’re holding hands at the beach.”This switch to the present tense nine times out of ten will not be noticed. It will appear that you are repeating the words of others in the present tense.

4.What’s next? This is a way for them to continue the experience and to provide more details. Ask them the next question. To avoid monotony, you can ask them in a different manner. For example, “And then what happens?” But remember to keep it in the present and keep repeating what they say.

Revivification is the process of reliving a particular memory from the past to gain access to resources. It is important to make it a positive experience that leaves them with good memories.

This is an example of how to revive a pleasant trance experience. The echo effect is used, with the subtle switch to present tense highlighted in bold and the use the what happens next. question.

Hypnotist Subject, you’ve been in a state of trance before.

Many times.

Hypnotist Do You Like Trance?

Subject: Yes.

Hypnotist: Do you remember a particular trance experience?

Subject: Richard Bandler was training me and was speaking conversational English.

Hypnotist How far back was that?

Subject: In a few months.

Hypnotist A few weeks ago?

Subject: Yes.

Hypnotist Where, in what city?

Subject: It’s Orlando, Florida.

HypnotistOrlando, okay so you were in Orlando a few months ago,You’re part of the audience There’s a man up there who has a habit to curse from time to time.

Subject: He didn’t.

Hypnotist This time, it’s not the right time.

Student [Laughter]

Hypnotist You’re in the audience and looking up at what you think is a story.

Lots of stories.

Hypnotist: There are tons of stories. What happens when you hear a lot of stories?

Subject: He’s just like…

Hypnotist When you listen, something happens

Subject: Yes.

Hypnotist With Richard Bandler, you’re in the audience. He’s telling stories…

Subject: You’re getting something good, but your eyes want to shut.

Hypnotist: Your eyes want to close. What’s next?

You can ask your client about a time when they felt good about themselves.

It is crucial that you go first with any hypnosis technique and that you remember to use H+.

Remember, a person who is hurt will be devastated. In such situations, H+ and a little bit of compassion can make a big difference in making the person feel better.

Let’s wrap it up

Hypnosis can help you and your subject to see things differently. There are some important points to keep in mind, despite the fact that hypnosis can help you see your subject’s relationship differently.

  • A broken heart takes time to heal. A grieving process is when someone’s heartbreaks. It usually involves five stages.
    1. Denial
    2. Anger
    3. Bargaining
    4. Depression
    5. Acceptance
  • Heartbreak can be a difficult psychological process.A weakened immune system can lead to insomnia, lethargy and lack of focus.
  • People who are unable or unwilling to grieve may end up in this situation:
    • Incapable of forming new relationships
    • Blaming others for what happened
    • Projecting their anger onto others
    • Fear of committing to another relationship

You can help someone heal from a broken heart by using the self-esteem booster or revivification.

They will see that there were positive aspects to their relationship and that they are part of the reason it was so successful. The second allows them to tap into their past resources so that they can use them again now to overcome disappointments and hurt.

The Bee Gees asked the question: “How can I heal a broken heart?” Unfortunately, there isn’t a magic bullet. Hypnosis can help people realize they have the skills to live a happy life, and that it is possible to see the bright side of their past without losing their beloved.

Remember to be understanding, patient, and supportive of the other person during their grieving journey.


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  • Mosaner was right. I knew that responding was one step away from being happy with someone else.
  • One study in The Journal of Positive Psychology found that it takes about 11 weeks for us to feel better after ending a relationship.
  • I was 100% awake as well throughout the whole process 
  • Medical experts believe there are five stages of grief.
  • It was an awful breakup. I don’t regret it.
  • However, 20% of the population is suffering from mental illness.
  • I’m in the 20%.
  • Ferdman says that we have about 60,000 thoughts per day and most of them negative.
  • We Are Robots and Are on Autopilot 99% of what we do is automatic and subconscious 


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