Why Doesn’t Hypnosis Work On Me

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why doesn't hypnosis work on me

Why Doesn’t Hypnosis Work On Me

This page will show you how to overcome the problem if you’ve tried hypnosis but are unsure if you can be hypnotized. Actually, that was the last sentence. We’ll get back to it later.

It is impossible to hypnotize someone who isn’t able to. Only one person can’t behypnotized.

For more help using hypnosis see my page do YouTube hypnosis videos work?

Oh, and if you’ve landed on this page and wonder what it’s doing on a driving school site, I’m both a driving instructor and a hypnotherapist. I help people suffering from driving anxiety overcome it online in as little as one hour.


Hypnosis has been used by everyone.

Hypnosis has been done thousands of times before you even realize it.

Hypnosis refers to a state where you can focus on what you believe and it becomes real.

Are you a person who has ever gone to sleep and woke up? You’ve probably experienced hypnosis. It happens just like you go to bed and when you wake up. Your subconscious mind talks to you in dreams, much like you do in hypnosis.

Real dreams can be very real, as we all know. It’s that feeling you get right after you wake up, but you don’t know if it was real. Remember what we said? Hypnosis is a state where you can focus on what you believe and it becomes true.

It’s funny that some people believe hypnosis is evil, or the work of devils. Because of the images they see in movies, some people believe it is dark magic or an evil voodoo power. You’re not a bad guy, you’re just taking a quick nap.

Do you ever find yourself staring at your phone or TV screen so intently that you lose track or miss your train? Or perhaps you don’t remember what someone said? Hypnosis is the opposite of this. It was your reality, and the world around it faded away.

Have you ever been sad or angry at a fictional character’s death in a videogame or TV show? You were not really dying, but your mind believed it was real.

Have you ever experienced panic attacks, anxiety or phobias like fear of flying? This is because you are going into hypnosis, and your mind starts to imagine things that don’t exist when everyone else on board is enjoying the view.

Hypnosis is something you’re already familiar with, but you didn’t realize it was something you weren’t expecting.


You can’t go to a place that doesn’t exist.

Hypnosis does not resemble a zombie state. Hypnosis doesn’t make you go to sleep. You wake up. You don’t lose control. Instead, you gain control. How else can you use hypnosis for overcoming fear and phobias?

Hypnosis can be described as being awake and asleep simultaneously. You’ll feel it. Although hypnosis doesn’t feel like sleep, I did say it in the last paragraph.

People can appear to be in a “trance” when they believe that hypnosis is what they are experiencing and their bodies follow the lead. They don’t realize they are acting, but they do know that it is. They believe that hypnosis is about trance, so they believe what they believe to be real. Hypnosis practitioners actually use hypnosis for hypnosis. This is a big deal!

Hypnosis is a common experience that people report feeling very little or nothing. Hypnosis can be described as sitting with your eyes closed, but you can also do it with your eyes wide open. It’s not a state or eyelids.

Hypnosis doesn’t work the way you think and you can’t go to hypnosis if it doesn’t exist.




How to get into hypnosis

As you can see, there are three parts to entering Hypnosis.


Part 1 – The things you need for hypnosis to work

Part 2 – Establishing selective thinking

Part 3 – All hypnosis is self-hypnosis

More tips on how to become hypnotised


Why can’t I get hypnotized?

You can.

Below is a list to help you get into hypnosis. Although it may seem like a lot, it is actually much easier to learn and read than to do it.

This video shows a woman convinced that hypnosis will not work for her. You’ll be amazed at how anyone can experience it.



These are the main reasons why hypnosis doesn’t work for you

We have already said that there is no such thing a person who can’t behypnotized. However, there are people who resist it even though they don’t realize it.

Hypnosis won’t work if you resist it. It is not possible to force someone to do hypnosis. They must want it to work.

Hypnosis is a myth. People who believe it is false are simply believing their own lies. It won’t work if someone believes they are special, better, or that hypnosis doesn’t work. They proudly brag about how special they are, having defeated the hypnotist.

They are only beating themselves.


How to overcome the belief that you cannot be hypnotized

Let’s take a look at the 3 main things you must know in order to become hypnotized.

Then, I will give you more tips and videos that will help you get into hypnosis more easily.


Part 1 – Hypnosis can only work if you have 4 things

In my video, I show you how to do all of these things in just seconds. It’s not difficult, even if it seems overwhelming.

Hypnosis is not recommended for people with bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, epilepsy, asthma, or other mental disorders. These conditions can be made worse by hypnosis, or even cause an attack. This page is not intended to be a guide to how to hypnotise someone. It is meant to highlight the problems that people who want to use Hypnosis but have difficulty achieving it.



There is no belief without belief. It is possible that hypnosis could work regardless of whether you believe it. You know what I mean? If you stick a needle in your hand, it will hurt regardless of whether you believe it or not. But it’s wrong.

It is possible to make it so that you don’t feel anything when a needle passes through your hand in hypnosis. This is not something you should try at home. It is only an example and I do not recommend that you follow my advice. It is possible, however.

This is exactly what can prevent you from getting into hypnosis. It is impossible for your mind to believe that it works if you don’t.

Hypnosis is something you must believe in or your mind will stop it working..

Some people feel great pride in it and feel an immense sense of accomplishment for not being able enjoy it. Fear is the most common reason. Unknowingly, they fear losing control. Hypnosis can help them feel more in control.

Hypnosis doesn’t put you to sleep; it awakens you.



The language of the subconscious is imagination. Hypnosis is not possible if you are unable to imagine.

It is very easy to visualize. Let me challenge you to picture a tropical beach. What can you imagine, hear and feel?

There is no right or wrong, but you must practice imagining before you can use hypnosis.



It must work. It will not work if you have doubts. Your mind will reject it as a protection mechanism. Part 2 will discuss this further.



Hypnosis must be expected to occur. It will work if you expect it to. It won’t if you expect it to fail. It won’t.

You can achieve what you want in life.

People who see themselves as doing well will be successful. People who view themselves as a loser are likely to be a loser.

Here’s a quote that is based on this fact:

You can believe you can or you don’t think so.tYoure right.


Henry Ford


You must have completed all 4 steps before you can move on to the second part.

It must be believed, imaginable, and expected to work.


Quick test to check how your doing

The video is below. This simple test will check if you have all the above. If you don’t, then start working on them before moving on.

It doesn’t really matter if it’s about driving anxiety. You’ll still learn how to hypnotise.



Part 2 – How you can become hypnotized

You have answered yes to the above 4 items. Now there are only 2 things that you must do to be hypnotized.

  1. You can bypass the critical faculty
  2. Selective thinking is key


It’s great, but what does it mean?


How to get around the critical faculty and what it is!

Your critical faculty acts as a security guard for your mind. It analyzes everything that is said to it and decides whether it should accept it or not.

You won’t listen to strangers telling you to give your keys to your car.

You will reject the suggestion of a stranger to take your clothes off because you don’t want (probably). .

If a stranger warns you to be cautious because the pavement ahead is wobbly, and you nearly trip over it, then you will accept it as it’s helpful and won’t cause you any harm.

Part 1 is so important because of this. Your mind will reject hypnosis if you don’t believe it will work, or don’t want to use it. Because you can only have what you want, you can make your own wishes come true.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that hypnosis can’t be trusted. It just means that you are telling your mind to stop it from happening.

Your mind will reject any suggestion that it doesn’t like, even hypnosis..

You can bypass the critical faculty in the same way as you would sneak past security guards to get into an event that you don’t have tickets for. Someone distracts them while your sneaking in!

It can be distracted by focusing on one thing, such as staring at a particular spot on the wall.



Selective thinking is key

Once you have gotten past the security guard, you can make a suggestion to your mind that will cause it to believe it.

You can tell your mind that your hand is numb or that you have forgotten your name. It will believe whatever you tell it but…

You must agree to the suggestion.

Even if they appear to be helpful, harmful suggestions won’t work.

Although there is much more to learn about Hypnosis, this basic knowledge will suffice to explain why you believe you cannot be hypnotised.

You will be able enter hypnosis if you can identify which 6 things you aren’t doing. If you need further guidance, please see the video at top of the page.


Part 3 – Hypnosis is all self-hypnosis

What does self-hypnosis and all hypnosis refer to?

This may be something you’ve seen on YouTube or read elsewhere, but many people don’t know what it means.


Hypnosis is all about self-hypnosis

Only you can hypnotize yourself.

Many people believe that hypnotists are magicians or possess special abilities.

These statements are false. We only guide you to hypnosis. Only you can make the changes necessary and reach the state we refer to as hypnosis.

Hypnosis can’t be forced on anyone and they will only choose to enter that state.

You might also be interested in the videos that show people being hypnotized. They don’t want to be hypnotized, but they doubt it.

Believers and those who are not able to achieve something are two different things.


This is why it is so important to understand.

People sometimes expect hypnotists to take care of all their problems. People think that hypnosis will solve their problems.

It doesn’t work that way.

Only you have the power to change your mind. As much as I have to do, you also have a job. It doesn’t make sense to expect me to do everything if I don’t have the time.

You can trust me to help you with hypnosis. I will tell you what you should do, and help you solve your problems. It’s ultimately you who makes the changes.

Each person has a role and you will only see results with hypnotherapy if you work together. The lack of interaction is one reason why people struggle with YouTube hypnosis videos.


I was watching a video that showed…

A hypnotist approaches someone and shouts “SLEEP!” They are instantly in hypnosis.

Although it looks great, they didn’t show the part that preceded that. This was where the person was put into hypnosis in an older way.

If someone yanks their head and shouts sleep at them, it will result in the hypnotist entering Hypnosis.

Remember that TV shows can be edited so you will only see the things they want. They will have spoken to the person briefly and suggested that they might not remember them the next time they meet.

You can help someone to enter hypnosis by simply talking to them. This is called conversational hypnosis.


Street hypnosis: What do you think?

Self-hypnosis can be street hypnosis, stage or any other type of hypnosis. You can enter hypnosis at any time and you will always be able to do it yourself.

People may be in deep hypnosis and do silly things while people laugh at them. They can come out of hypnosis whenever they want. They don’t have to be controlled and they’re not stuck.

Because it’s so lovely, they choose to stay home.

Once, I was a demo client in a classroom. I was in hypnosis and there were 15 people around me talking to me about me. I didn’t mind that the teacher was talking to me about her past experiences.

I felt happy and relaxed in that state, even though I knew I could get out at any time. It was just not what I wanted to do.


It is helpful to know how hypnosis feels.

People who want to experience hypnosis often make the common error of expecting it to feel differently than it does.

You might have seen people who slouch and look like zombies when a Hypnotist says “sleep” or clicks their fingers.

Two things are important to note:

  1. Of course, it’s not always like that
  2. It would be hard to believe that this could have happened.


Everyone experiences hypnosis in different ways. Some people feel almost nothing, such as myself. You may feel a little tired, but you don’t feel much.

You’re more likely to feel hypnosis if you don’t have any expectations.

Others almost fall and then have dramatic reactions to everyone who watches. These people make TV shows look great and they are often the most popular. But many people don’t have that ability.

Even if you do fall, you won’t be able to tell. Anyone who has ever been under hypnosis will tell you that they didn’t know they fell. It could be that they don’t know what to do.

You can see the man clearly hypnotized refusing to believe that he is.

Here are more tips to help you become hypnotized

After you have learned everything you need to know in order to enter hypnosis let’s take a look at some other important facts.

The evidence that hypnosis works is overwhelming

Watch the video to see how hypnosis works.

One man was hypnotized to believe that an onion is a fruit. You can see his reactions to the onion and how he reacts when he is told. His eyes aren’t even running because he believes the onion is a peach. This is not something you can fake or pretend to be.

People who struggle with hypnosis

People who are intelligent often have the hardest time experiencing hypnosis.

However, this does not mean that people who find it easy lack intelligence. People who find it easy are creative and imaginative.

It is often those who work in I.T., accounting, or are highly analytical that find it difficult.

You must engage the creative side of the brain to enter hypnosis. People who work with figures, need to analyse data and solve problems often use the intelligent part of their brain. It is very difficult to tap into the creative side.

Why can’t I hypnotize myself? This is why

Hypnosis can be difficult for people who are afraid of losing control or being controlled by someone else.

It is important to realize that hypnosis can be used to help you understand your true self.GainingYou can’t control it and resist it will only make you appear that you don’t have control.

Because they are so familiar with taking orders, soldiers and police officers are the most difficult to hypnotise. Because they are so used and comfortable doing what is asked of them, I have hypnotized soldiers who fell to the ground at the simple command “sleep”.

If you have difficulty entering hypnosis, you most likely are the opposite. You don’t like being told what you should do.

It’s true, I understand it. I also found it difficult to enter hypnosis.

When I started, I was an awful subject. I had been a driving instructor for 20 years and was in complete control.

It was all confusing to me and I thought it was absurd. Is there anything wrong with people who have their hands tied together or forget their names? I would never allow that to happen.

When I learned the things in the video, I realized that I was not in control.

It took me a while to feel it, but I did it eventually. It took me a while to master it.

The last thing you should know

Do you recall that I mentioned in the first paragraph of the page that I had already given you the answer?

This page is for those who have tried hypnosis but are still skeptical.

Do you see the problem? Let me tell you something that will change your life.

Don’t try, start doing!

You’ve “tried” Hypnosis. It hasn’t been done. You are implicitly implying failure every time you use “try”. This is how it works.

Grab something small, such as a pen or a phone. Now, pick it up. That was easy, didn’t you?

Do this: TRY to pick it up. Do not pick it up. Try to pick it up, but don’t try.

Get it?

You will immediately see dramatic changes if you get rid of the word “try” from your vocabulary. You know what people will say when I tell them this?

“I tried it and it didn’t work”

You can increase your chances of success by telling yourself you will do it. Pay attention to people who use the word “try” every day. It is amazing how often people use it, especially when they are failing at something.

Don’t try, just do it. It will change your entire life.


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  • A study has shown that around 10% of the population is highly hypnotizable.
  • A little over 15% of the population is considered highly hypnotizable.
  • Around 25% are not thought to be hypnotizable.
  • The success rates ranged from zero to 87%.
  • The success rate of single sessions is between 0 and 68%, according to their research.
  • Reports indicate that group hypnosis can lead to quit rates between 8 and 88%.
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why doesn’t hypnosis work on me
why doesn’t self hypnosis work on me
why did hypnosis not work on me
why doesn’t hypnosis work on everyone
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why doesn’t hypnosis work on me
why doesn’t self hypnosis work on me
why did hypnosis not work on me
why doesn’t hypnosis work on everyone
i want to be hypnotized but can’t
why does hypnotherapy not work for me
hypnosis didn t work for me
3 things hypnosis cannot do
hypnosis susceptibility test
what percentage of population can be hypnotized
how to be more receptive to hypnosis
working hypnosis

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